Jewish Parenting Privacy Policy


At Jewish Parenting, we consider your privacy an important right that should be protected. We are happy to have you explore the Jewish Parenting web site without providing any information about yourself. When using some features of Jewish Parenting, such as our newsletters, or when asking specific questions, we will require you to provide us certain information. As an example, you must provide us with your email address to receive our newsletter.

Our Privacy Policy is as follows:

a.) Whenever you submit information to Jewish Parenting we will limit the use of personally identifiable information you provide for the purposes you originally provided it. As an example, you may be asked in a survey to provide personally identifiable information to help personalize the site’s content to meet your needs. In this case your personal information will be used by us only and not sold or rented to an outside source.

b.) We will not use the information you provide us in ways different from what is outlined in this Privacy Policy statement.

1. Contests and Surveys

From time to time, Jewish Parenting may hold contests and surveys. During these events you will be asked to provide specific information. Of course, you can decline this request if you choose not to participate. Based on these contest results, we will notify you of information which may be of interest to you, or provide you with a gift if you have won one of our contests. At all times, the purpose of each contest or survey will be clearly explained to you before you provide any information.

2. Passwords

You may be asked to register a username and password. You will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account information and will be held accountable for your conduct while using the services of Jewish Parenting. Please review our Terms of Service for details. If you lose your password or are concerned that others have gained access to it, you should change it by contacting us by email.

3. Tell-a-Friend

Jewish Parenting provides a “Tell-a-Friend" service. When you find something on Jewish Parenting which would be of interest to a friend, we welcome you to use this service. We will not sell or rent these email addresses.

4. Security

Jewish Parenting is the sole owner of any information you provide us. We will endeavor to provide a secure environment to store this information. However, due to the inherent security risks associated with all internet sites, we can not guarantee your confidential use of Jewish Parenting. We will not be responsible for any harm that you or any other person may suffer as a result of a breach of confidentiality in respect to your use of this site.

5. Cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of information which are stored on your hard drive as a way to maintain information you have already provided us in previous visits to our site. We use cookies as a method to improve your use of the site. As an example, you may not have to re-enter your password each and every time if you have already entered a particular area of the website in a subsequent visit. Cookies and related information will not be rented or sold to outside sources.

6. Tracking

Jewish Parenting uses your Internet Protocol (IP) address to analyze trends, collect demographic information for aggregate analysis and track your progress through the site so that we can better manage the website.

7. Disclosure of Information

Aggregated demographic information, which is information that does not allow you to be contacted or identified, may be shared with our business partners for marketing and promotional purposes only.

We do reserve the right to disclose any information about you to law enforcement agencies and their representatives, other government officials or other third parties, as we, in our sole discretion, believe appropriate in connection with an investigation of intellectual property infringement, fraud or other activity that is illegal or may expose use to legal liability.